Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps

By TwistedMirror
Somewhere in the ocean, smart pirates buried their treasures on hidden islands: many explorers tried to decode their secrets but the treasures still have to be revealed.
Test your skills and find all the treasure chests!

A shipload of maps (more than 500 and many more to come)
Completely redesigned user interface: finding treasures has never been so fun!
Music, sounds effects and special effects to pleasure your ears and eyes.
Get more maps right from inside the game: purchase maps of the difficulty you like the most or just buy all of them, including the future ones.
A new interactive tutorial make the rules seem even simpler than before.
Maps now automagically sorted by difficulty.
A lot of care was put into making the game more accessible and understandable: hopefully everyone can understand and enjoy Treasure Maps now!
Gameplay statistics: always know how many maps have you completed for each category. Also with percentages to satisfy your OCD.
An embarrassing amount of maps and game-time, totally worth your money!

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Version 2.1 (64 Ratings)
All versions (107 Ratings)

“My 8yo son also loves this game and £3 for the full game is well worth it .”

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First version noticed: 2.1

“Now with completely new graphics and hundreds of levels !”

1 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 2.1
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