SnapSwap -Random Photo Sharing

SnapSwap -Random Photo Sharing

By Armoks Interactive Labs
SnapSwap is a Free Random Photo Sharing & Messaging App that helps you to create new connections around the world by simply snapping a picture!

It is for people who love making new friends. The app allows you to get introduced to random strangers around the globe by simply sending them a picture. You can then start one on one conversations with them!

The user can be completely anonymous, and if you find the person interesting, only then can you share your information with them. So, no worrying about your own privacy until you are completely comfortable.

"Rando App lovers would find SnaSwap even more exciting... It could be termed as Rando on Steroids!"

***How SnapSwap Works?***

SnapSwap is a very simple photo sharing app, however the concept is completely unique.

SnapSwap is NOT a Social Sharing application, you do not share it with known people When you click and upload a picture through SnapSwap, it randomly goes to any SnapSwap user in the world.

Best part is, everytime you send a picture, you receive one from a random stranger from anywhere across the world!

The picture is always sent to one random stranger. Think of it as a fun and easy way to get introduced to someone and gifting them with a slice of your world.

What it means is, everytime you click a picture and send, you get introduced to 2 new people, the person who has received your picture, and the person from whom you have got one!

SnapSwap picture always have Geo-location embedded on them So you will always know where picture is sent and from where the picture has arrived!

Once the introduction is made, you can start conversation with the person through built-in messaging feature..

SnapSwap does not need any kind of user registration or sharing of user details. In just one touch you are ready to start sending and receiving the pictures.

SnapSwap will make new connections for you in the most simple and amazing way possible!

**** What About Unpleasant / Inappropriate / Nasty / Hurtful Pictures?****

- There will always be fraction of users who may send pictures that might be unpleasant or Inappropriate etc. We take strict measures against such people. If you receive a picture that you think is Inappropriate, you can immediately flag that user.

If a user gets 3 flags, they will be suspended from the system. They WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SEND ANY PICTURE FROM THAT DEVICE AGAIN.


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