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HomeAdvisor Home Contractors

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Book appointments with trusted home pros!

Do you have a home improvement, maintenance or repair project to tackle? HomeAdvisors free mobile app is the only tool you need!

HomeAdvisor is the #1 service connecting homeowners with home service professionals. We have a nationwide network of nearly 100,000 background-checked pros specializing in more than 500 home project categories. And with our on-demand booking options, youll never have to play another game of phone tag to schedule an appointment.

Heres how it works:
You tell us a little about your project
We match you with the best local, pre-screened pros for the job
You read verified ratings and reviews from past customers to ensure the best match for your project
You choose how you want to connect with the pro schedule an appointment or connect instantly by phone
The pro shows up at the agreed-upon appointment time and does a great job on your project

Its simple. And its the fastest, easiest way to find and schedule a home service pro!

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“I love the fact that it 's free , you should not have to pay to search for a professional .”

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