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U&Me Messenger reshapes communication across the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, coworkers and loved onesfor free. With U&Me, you can instantly stay connected with your friends and family using features like Group Chats & Broadcast Messages (500 people), File Sharing (100 MB), Voice Notes, Meetings, Around Me and lot more. A new generation app for new age people. U&Me is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, download it now!


* CONNECTED ACCOUNTS: Always stay connected and updated with U&Me Messenger. Connect your cloud storage accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive) and Social media accounts (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr) to the application and simultaneously share the media/files.
* CO-WORKERS: Now you can manage your personal and company contacts at one place! Simply add your company email ID to get in touch with your colleagues via U&Me.
* MEETINGS: Never miss a meeting or an important event! Get all the information about your upcoming, past meetings and even more you can create a new meeting and invite the people to join.


* GROUP CHATS: Start group chat/conversation with your contacts. Create groups with up to 500 members, add or remove groups or group participants, mute conversations, rename groups and set a group profile picture.
* SHARE FILES & LINKS: Sharing big files is easy now! Send images, videos and even links (URLs) up to 100 MB at a time. This is what LARGE mean to us. Send files of any format Doc, PDF, ZIP, PPT, APK, MP3 and much more!
* MY WALL: With My Wall feature, make your friends keep posted about what you are doing using photos, status, stickers and location sharing. Delete the posts you dont want to see on your wall and choose with whom you want to share your post. Dont miss a chance to check your friends wall and their updates, either!
* CUSTOM STATUS MESSAGES: Too busy to type a status message? Dont worry, use U&Mes exclusive custom status messages (Funks) to let your friends know whats there in your mind. Whats more interesting is you can share status messages directly to your social media pages.
* OFFLINE MODE: Why to wait for friends to come online? Now you can drop a message directly to your friends inbox when they are offline- all at FREE of cost. When your friend replies, youll get the message directly to U&Me Messenger.
* PRIVACY: With U&Me Messenger no need to bother about stalkers. From your annoying aunt to the irritating guy in your college, control who can see your profile picture, updates, and last seen details. Join U&Me Messenger and take control of your privacy online! Set a passcode for U&Me Messenger.
* AROUND ME: Explore the world around you including hospitals, pharmacy, bank/ATM, coffee, shopping malls, nightlife, cinema, beauty salon, food, restaurants, hotel/motel, sights, railways, cabs.
* CHAT THEMES: Isnt it fun to change the background of your chat screen? Select a theme of your choice & enjoy chatting!
* REWARDS: Invite friends, share images, videos, audio clips, send messages daily to get reward points & get cash prizes, gifts etc. Moreover, you can get mobile recharge by redeeming reward points.
* ENTICING STICKERS: Have fun with sharing amazing & hilarious stickers featuring popular characters, emoticons, expressions, signs, animals and much more!

* Data charges may apply. Contact your Telecom Service Provider for details.
If you have any questions or comments, Please reach us at: support@uandme.org
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