Tower Raiders 3 FREE

Tower Raiders 3 FREE

By Gianormous Games, LLC
Tower Raiders 3 doesnt redefine the tower defense genre; it sets a new gold standard for mobile strategic thrills!

The game includes challenging levels that cater specifically to fans of great gameplay. Every level provides unique logistic challenges and features many different winding paths that throngs raiders use in order to get to the people you're charged with protecting! And, if you choose to log into Facebook the people you're saving will be none other than your Facebook friends! As players progress through the game levels grow increasingly more difficult, and feature more waves of attacking raiders!

The humans you're charged with saving are depending on you commander, but you're also depending on them. They're collecting the resources you need to build towers. Luckily, they can handle themselves well - but you can always direct them to do what you see fit, and they'll be happy to follow your orders.

If you find yourself in a pinch you can in a strike team of shock troopers and watch them clean house. Or, for a little extra man power you can call in a drop ship with human reinforcements. You're the boss around here, commander!

To protect themselves players have access to an arsenal of upgradable weapons - but theres a catch. Every weapon in Tower Raiders 3 has unique positives and draw backs, as well as different ranges which they can shoot. This is where strategy comes in. Gamers need to think smart and position their available weapons in the most effective spots if they want to squash every wave of raiders that approach and end levels victorious and in-tact!

Tower Raiders 3 is the most well-polished and well-rounded tower defense experience on Android. The game features beautiful 3D textured graphics, active Facebook support communities.

Save your Facebook friends from incoming marauders!
Hi Powered defense gaming action with unique levels
Many unique upgradable weapons to utilize.
Vibrant, 3D rendered graphics with full camera control.
No pay gates, Tower Raiders 3 is 100% playable for free!

Tower Raiders 3 is developed by Gianormous Games, LLC


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Note: Devices with 512mb RAM or less are not supported in this version of Tower Raiders 3. We will have a trimmed down version you can run instead soon.


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Version 0.38 (4281 Ratings)
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“Crashed at file download .”

6 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 0.38

“Cool graphics , looks awesome on Nexus 10 , very well done .”

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First version noticed: N/A

“Hands down most captivating and immersive rts tower defense game Ive played on android .”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 0.38
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