Pixel Warfare

Pixel Warfare

By Vulcron
Compete with players all around the world in team battles in this online first-person shooter. Create your loadout and head into battle on any of the unique maps available. Pixel Warfare takes elements from games like Minecraft and Call of Duty and creates countless hours of gameplay.

- Up to 6 player Team Deathmatch
- Earn points and unlock new weapons and characters
- Customize your character and your weapon with skins!
- Play on any of the unique maps available
- Level up your character and reach the highest level
- New maps and weapons added every week!


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Version 2.0.11 (183 Ratings)
All versions (1207 Ratings)

“Worst game .”

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“Its a cool game and sick guns .”

6 others made similar comments
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“It is easy for me and my friend 's 😀 .”

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