Kapture CRM is an intuitive Android app that empowers you to grow your business exponentially through better lead management.

It is functional as a mobile-based application with a portal in the backend, envisaged to solve the purpose of handling sales related activities like capturing consumer/lead data, managing follow-ups, adding and monitoring tasks as well as sales employee tracking.

It has been designed keeping in mind how the sales team of most organisations function and the key challenges faced by them, making it a perfect tool for the sales team of SMBs as well as big organisations.

The Kapture CRM allows you to keep track of your contacts along with the updated history of your interaction with each one of them. Thus, youll never forget the status of each lead or what you talked about last. The detailed call history with every person is easily retrievable, allowing you to be always be on the top of things.

With Kapture CRM, there is no question of being at a loss of words if any of your contacts call you after a significant gap. Your chances of conversion are always the highest.

Kapture CRM Features:

*Real-time tracking of employee location & attendance

*Employee performance tracking

*Complete lead/contact interaction history which can be retrieved instantly

*Fully responsive interface, functions smoothly on all sizes of smart phones or TABs

*Centralized tracking system to track the device round the clock from HO level.

*Ability to set tasks, schedule meetings and follow-ups and maintain a calendar

*Simplified, easy-to-use interface

*Save all contacts automatically using the call management feature and access them anywhere, anytime.

We'd love to get your feedback on our app what you liked, what you didn't, what can be improved and in what way or if there is a new feature you want us to add. Please do reach us at care@kapturecrm.com


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