Abby Lee Dance Secrets

Abby Lee Dance Secrets

By Digital Wellness
You�ve seen them on TV, now see famed dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, and star students Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker like you�ve never seen them before. You�ll get dance instruction from Abby herself � just the way she teaches at her studio, and the girls will be demonstrating how to do the dance moves. You�ll get exclusive, behind-the-scenes videos of Abby and the girls in their real lives � backstage, at competitions, shopping, traveling, and more. You�ll get special access to advice, trade secrets and tips from Abby and the girls about how to win at competitions; Maddie�s best hair and makeup advice; backstage rituals; what to pack in your travel bags; and how to be your best. When you download this app, you will receive regular updates and news from Abby, Maddie and the team at the Abby Lee Dance Company. You�ll get a special feature called ALDCNN � (Abby Lee Dance Company: News Now!) with fresh up-to-date insider news delivered to your app every week! You�ll also get new videos and new features ongoing so you�ll want to come back often to see what�s new. Abby Lee Dance Secrets includes a photo gallery with photos from Abby and the girls' events and travel, and downloads like wallpaper for your phone. The app includes a library of videos that offer you dance instruction, dance routines, tips and tricks and behind-the-scenes views. Here are some of the videos you�ll find in Abby Lee Dance Secrets � and more will be added frequently! Dance Instruction Videos such as: Winning Warmups Bourree Into Ballet Jump Into Jazz Maddie and Kendall's Dance Routine Advice and Behind-the-scenes videos, such as: Maddie�s Winning Makeup Girls Dish on their Moms: Selfies & Obsessions Abby Surprises Superfans Here's a preview of more fun upcoming videos that will be released in the app soon: Superstitions and Rituals Abby's Life Lessons Girls Talk: What's In My Purse? Abby Gets Pranked Tumble Into Gym Arch Into Acrobatics Move Into Musical Theatre Bloopers Much more! This app includes all of the videos, fan features, downloads and so much more added regularly for one price. It's like having a private ALDC video channel with content and features that you'll only get if you have the app! Download it today You don�t want to miss this exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else! Abby and the girls hope to see you there!


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“Waste of money .”

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“From Dance Routines to Wallpaper - so much fun !”

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