Seven Nights At Buddy's

Seven Nights At Buddy's

By Oleg Myakishev
This week you've got a job as a night watch security guard in a very scary place where you will have Seven Nights At Buddy's. Suddenly a telephone calls and you hear a strange voice talking to you. To be briefly, the thing is that you are not the only person here. Who could be else? Teddy bear, stitched hare and maybe somebody else. They are able to roam freely at night. But please don't take it easy, nobody went alive from here. NOBODY. The main thing you have remember in Seven Nights At Buddy's is not to allow them to get close to you. The best way to survive is to close the door. Very clever, but not here! The closed door consume your energy. And don't look to the camera every time for the same reason. Of course, you can switch to the different ones, to know where your enemies are. Seven Nights At Buddy's - finish your work safe after this seven horrible nights!


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“I like Fanf fan made games well this is the only one on iPad so far .”

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