IT�S YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Welcome to the dazzling world of stardom and celebrities! When you�re a Superstar, not even the sky is the limit! The whole city is your playground - and it�s gigantic! You�ll never run out of stuff to do! Listen to your friends� guidance, participate in quests and don�t forget to search your surroundings if you�re feeling adventurous! There are fun and useful surprises hiding around every corner, so feel free to experiment. BE YOURSELF! Personalize your avatar; choose your makeup, hairstyle and wardrobe SHOPPING SPREE! Check out awesome shops and try on tons of stylish clothing, fabulous shoes and exquisite accessories THE FUN NEVER STOPS! Visit the gym, grab a cup of coffee, go clubbing, dance the night away and have a great time with your friends CELEBRITY DATES! Go out on a date and find the boyfriend of your dreams CHILLAX AROUND THE WORLD! Chill out at the beauty salon, relax at the spa, see what�s new at the carnival or travel the world with your private jet WORK IT! Pursue different careers, become a movie mogul, powerful businesswoman, music industry sensation or a fashion design guru SOCIALIZE! Share your accomplishments with your friends, exchange game codes and earn rewards when friends enter your code YOU GO, GIRL! Discover the engaging, ever-expanding content of this amazing hit title and become larger than life! PLEASE NOTE! Superstar Life is completely free to play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.


Our overall measurement of app quality based on app store review analysis, scored on a scale of 0 - 10.

Personality Traits

An app’s character, broken down into traits whose score is determined by user reviews on the app store.

If an app drains the battery, uses up data, or is slow and laggy, the user experience is severely compromised, pulling the app’s Performance rating down.
To be ranked highly, an app must present outstanding value; simply stated, it’s worth the price of admission.
A well designed app is a thing of beauty, with intuitive actions, attractive interactions, and enjoyable graphics that help it earn a high Presentation score.
An app with a high score on our Enjoyment scale is fun, enchanting, engaging.

Top Feedback

Themes commonly mentioned by people in app store reviews.

Version 4.4 (500 Ratings)
All versions (5654 Ratings)

“This game stinks .”

4 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 4.3.1

“Some times it crashes ?”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 2.6

“It 's easy to earn money and diamonds and when you run out of energy you still have things to do like play carnival games .”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 3.0
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