Fisheye - Fisheye Camera with Film and LOMO Lens

Fisheye - Fisheye Camera with Film and LOMO Lens

By Lotogram
TOP PAID APP OVER 52+ COUNTRIES! Featured on ZDNET, CNN, CNET, Flickr Group and More... "New toy for my iPhone 5! Love it!" - Jonny, ZDNet User "Best Fisheye camera, like a real one." - Elda J. Silva, Editor Same as the world famous LOMO arsenal, your iPhone will not only have a simulated 170-degree wide-angle view and stunning fisheye barrel distortion, but also a live fisheye viewfinder, and the simulated process of changing film, lens and flash that brings you the look, the feel, and fun of analogue camera. Further more, it contains a set of lens, film and Ring flash which adds awesome and unique beauty to your photo. SEE THE WORLD THROUGH DIFFERENT EYE!!! ? KEY FEATURES � Live view in 170-degree wide-angle fisheye lens (Software Simulation) � Various kinds of film to add fantastic effects: Kodachrome, SEPIA, Sakura, 1920 and so on... � Load 5 different color ringflashes � Switch to "MX" mode to take multiple exposures photo � Real� UI Engine based touch user experience � Full Screen Shooting Mode � Auto save your work to camera roll in high resolution when developing at Library (Max to 2048x1366 pixels) ? TIPS FOR SHOOTING � More close-up potential � Turn on flashlight with various ringflash for special color effects � Swap lens, ringflash, and film for different combinations of effects � Instantly share your best prints to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr ? EQUIPMENTS - FILMS � Kodachrome � LOTOCOLOR 1920 � LOTO400 � SAKURA (Pro Version) � SEPIA 200 (Pro Version) � X-PRO 200 (Pro Version) � Tri-X 400 (Pro Version) � RED SCALE (Pro Version) � FUJICHROME Velvia (Pro Version) ? EQUIPMENTS - LENS Two Circular Fisheye Lens included. Fisheye Len 1 and 2 have a sweeping software simulated 170-degree view which compacts everything around your subject into a circular image with bright colors and knockout contrast. One Full-frame Fisheye Lens included. Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm was the most popular digital Fisheye Lens for DSLR or SLR. it is a DX-frame-filling fisheye lens, which means it fills the entire rectangular image with a curvy, distorted image and sees 180 degrees from corner to corner diagonally. (Pro Version) ? EQUIPMENTS - RINGFLASH Shot with one of the amazing ringflashes, your subject is radiant with distinct color and the whole image has fantastic and unique effects. 5 different color ringflashes (red, yellow, blue, green and multiple-color) now are available to be loaded with your camera to fully express your creativity. (Pro Version) ? RESOLUTION Max photo resolution: 2048x1366 pixels Min video resolution: 640x480 pixels ? FISHEYE LENS PRO KNOWLEDGE There are two kinds of Fisheye Lenses, here is info: � Circular Fisheye Lens - the image circle is inscribed in the film or sensor area, and there will be a circle frame in the final photo. Most of them are for film cameras like Lomo Fisheye Camera. And you can visit � Full-frame Fisheye Lens - the image circle is circumscribed around the film or sensor area, and there's no circle frame around the final photo. Most of them are for Digital SLR. And you can visit the group here: The current "Lomo Fisheye Lens 1" and "Lomo Fisheye Lens 2" are Circular Fisheye Lens. And Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm is a Full-frame Fisheye Lens. ? DISCLAIMER ? Lomo and Lomography are copyrights of their respective owners. Please visit for more info. Fisheye Pro is a copyright of Lotogram Technology LLC. All rights reserved.


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“Pictures come out looking really cool .”

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