Spot Venture Plus - What's the Difference? spot the differences in hidden objects games for free

Spot Venture Plus - What's the Difference? spot the differences in hidden objects games for free

By AppSprite
� Featured by �Spot Venture Plus is the puzzle game that many people could easily addicted to. With a familiar game play like spot differences with the additional challenges you cannot drop you ipad while playing it!� It's a very cute and creative spot the difference game, full of beautiful cartoon pictures and fun-filled challenges. Help the little bunny through the rocky road! You will master your skill in spot differences, with more differences spotted you will get more carrots. Come quickly to enjoy all the colorful stages along the way, let the spot venture begin! Fantastic game!!! (MediterraneanFlower) "Hey it s realy amazing game:) nice idea of game, graphic and musssic:)) it really cost this money, i have pleasure to play in it, reccomend!!! Love this app, rhe best game here!!!" great FUN!!! (Harry Li) "catch this, have fun with friends and family :) best game for this Christmas, so lovely picture and delightful experiences, you will love this :D" Eyeful (Busy greatma ) Just an enjoyable, challenging game and a great time waster! I placed this game on my ipad for my granddaughters but I found that I enjoyed it too WATCH GAME TRAILER NOW ! � ORIGINAL GAME PICTURES Bring the fairy world right in front of you with amazing HD illustrations. � 130+ PUZZLE STAGES Over 3,000 spots await you to discover, always new challenge! � GREAT FUN FOR ALL AGE GROUPS These puzzles come in varied levels of difficulty, can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. � 8 EXTREME LEVELS Meet Rub, Pop, Bounce, Mirror, Spotlight, Panel, Jigsaw and Matching! Can you clear all of them?! � 7 DIFFERENT PLAY MODES The plus version features Classic, Zen, Boss Challenge and the awesome Arcade mode (Time Spot), along with two multiplayer modes (Time Bomb, Battle Online), and a secret mode! � MULTIPLAYER TIME BOME - Face off your friends via a single iPhone/iPad, battle till the BOOM! BATTLE ONLINE - Online versus via Game Center, using 3 fun-filled powerups to compete with your friends, see who laughs at the last! � GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS, ACHIEVEMENTS Uncover all 35 glorious titles in Game Center and show off your SPOT power! � ONE-CLICK SHARE MECHANISM Getting stuck? Team work time! Seek help by post the current image to your Facebook and Twitter. And don't forget to show off your high score, share your happiness! AppSprite Games - Mr. Ball - Spot Venture Plus - Spot Venture More FREE update coming soon! Be the first to know. Visit us : Follow us : Like us : Watch us:


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Version 1.35 (59 Ratings)
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“Very funny very cute like the pictures .”

2 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.32

“I enjoy playing this game and the artwork is very cute :)”

2 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.1

“I am at level four right now and loving it , I just hope it does not get too difficult at the end . ?”

1 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.1
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