Hard Racing Lite

Hard Racing Lite

By DavidLinan
ONLY FOR HARD MEN this game isn't called 'easy racing', it's 'HARD Racing', baby� don't be a loser and play only one lap�.if you cant!!! #1 RACING UK STORE NOV'11!! #Top Racing Games in 100+ Countries: United States, United Kingdom, China, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Spain�Thanks all your download!! NEW UPDATE 1.3.1!!: iPad Support Added + New Amazing View: Aerial Camera!! ************* REVIEWS ******* APPADVICE.COM: ".. is an exciting new iPhone racer made for �hard men only.� (However, after contacting the developer, I was assured that sissies and wusses can play the game, too, which means I am qualified to give the title a look.)" POCKETGAMER.CO.UK: "In new indie top-down racer Hard Racing, one-man development team David Linan gives us a warning: 'ONLY FOR HARD MEN.' TOUCHARCADE FORUMS: "Overall I would say a great game from an indie dev working on his own, hopefully we'll see some updates to finesse the controls and add content. I am pretty happy with the purchase" PERIODICO ElMUNDO: "Hard Racing: As� tambi�n se hace un videojuego" ******************************** ONLY FOR HARD MEN Hard Racing is a top-down racer style with Stunning and photorealistic Graphics. DRIVE A CLASSIC: DRIVE A CAMARO Drive a classic Camaro in 7 ( 3 in this free version) circuits and 12 events. Three career mode: Rookie, Pro and Champion!. RACE IN 7 HARD TRACKS AND ANIMATED SCENERY (3 in this lite version) Drive to the edge and unlock each one: RAILROAD, AIRPORT, BAD NIGHT, THE ISLAND, CEMETERY, LAST CITY AND LOSER CUP! (LOSER CUP, RAILROAD & AIRPORT in this lite version) Compete against animated scenery: rocks falling,cranes, trains, airplanes, earthquakes, etc.. DRIVE AT NIGHT Hard Racing include 2 amazing night tracks. Be careful! 3 CAMERAS VIEW Play in 3 amazing views: Aerial Camera, Smooth Follow and Isometric View! You Choose!! Note: Choose your camera view in Options Menu: Aerial, Follow or Isometric!! IT'S THE FUNKY TIME A soundtrack that immerses you in the 70's. Funky fever! ************** Version 1.3.1 addons: + Universal App! iPad Support Added!! + Touch Control improved! + New amazing view: Aerial Camera!! Version 1.3 addons: + GAMECENTER!! + 2 NEW CIRCUITS: LOSER CUP & LAST CITY + New driving system improved + Best Collision Interaction + New Career System: rookie, pro and champion. Win Medals to unblock new maps. + Redesigned the old circuits: Airport, Railroad, Cemetery, Bad Night and The Island + Add traffic in some circuits + IA improved + Added new fx, smoke, fog, etc ******************* http://www.hardracing-thegame.com On the website you can download 3D Objects of Hard Racing absolutely free!! ******************* SEE THE AMAZING TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRD7K1aiaVU ******************* THIS GAME HAS BEEN FULLY DEVELOPED BY ONE PERSON ONLY. THANKS FOR YOUR +100.000 DOWNLOADS! I LOVE HEAR YOUR IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS (AND EVEN POSSIBLE BUGS) AND PROMISE TO WORK HARD TO IMPROVE HARD RACING AGAIN AND AGAIN.


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Version 1.3.1 (1979 Ratings)
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“A super fun free app to get for every racing game fan .”

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First version noticed: 1.3.1

“This game is worth the space in your phone .”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 1.3.1

“I like it because I like cars that . and it 's easy .”

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First version noticed: 1.3.1
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