The Puzzle Cube

The Puzzle Cube

By Sandra Hoad
The Puzzle Cube is an amazing way to play a cube puzzle on your iPhone - Just as complex and frustrating as the original cube, but available day or night, at home or work, whenever and wherever you have your iPhone. In fact it has a few things that the real thing doesn't: ? A reset button ? A muddle button ? A built in timer ? Different styles So, no more peeling the stickers off to get it back to the start. If you can't solve the puzzle just press the reset button. Then press the muddle button to get started again. The timer will start when you press muddle. To solve the cube just swipe two cubes in the direction you want the slice they're in to move. To move the whole cube, you swipe the space around the cube. The cube can be in one of two modes, which you can change during a game: ? Locked - The cube always stays with three faces showing ? Unlocked - The cube can be rotated to any orientation The Puzzle Cube remembers where you were when you leave it so you can spend as long as you like solving the puzzle. You can also zoom the view of the cube to make it larger using a pinch-pull gesture. So, set it where you're comfortable and off you go. AND THERE'S MORE! The app also contains a second amazing puzzle. it's like the flat sliding square puzzles you've probably seen, but in 3D. Press the muddle button to get started, the app will randomly make 10 slides, if you want it more muddled just press the muddle button again. Remember, if you can't solve it, press the reset button. To use the puzzle, you just tap the cube you want to move, it will slide into place. You can also move two cubes at once by tapping the one that is furthest away from the space. IMPORTANT NOTE. Please note that we take no responsibility for the damage to your iPhone when you throw it across the room in frustration at not being able to solve the puzzles, or for any loss of earnings when you miss work because you REALLY want to solve them, or for the loss of any friends that may occur due to you staying in to play with your app rather than seeing them. Please play responsibly.


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“I found the controls to work simply and beautifully .”

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“This is great there are no bugs .”

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