iTim Text MMS Messenger

iTim Text MMS Messenger

By 2waystar, Inc
iTim Text: All-in-One Free MMS/SMS client. On Sale TODAY FOR $6.99 (REG. PRICE $9.99) ALL-PLATFORM Messaging App (Message any mobile device including bb, hTcs, motorola, etc) By Far The Most Advanced Texting App ... PERIOD! ***** NEW - Send iPOD songs/ringtones to CELLPHONES ****** ** THE ONLY APP WITH GOOGLE VOICE PUSH ALERTS FOR SPRINT MMS, SMS, VOICEMAILS AND MISSED CALLS ** SEND/RECEIVE MEDIA MSGS INCLUDING VIDEO, ANIMATIONS AND SOUND MSG - even on iPods and iPads *** NEW - Send Facetime MMS to any cellphone. *** Lets You Use your own iPod Songs as Ringtones and Send them to friends. "Amazing...can do every thing the real text messaging app that comes with the iphone can receiving video mms, send voice mms, etc to any type of cellphone" - Appstore Reviewer ADD A REAL PHONE NUMBER FOR YOUR ITIM (optional) (even for ipod and ipad) via Google Voice ** UNLIMITED TEXT AND MEDIA MESSAGING ** TRUE GOOGLE VOICE COMPATIBLE INCLUDING RECEIVING VOICEMAIL AUDIO AND TEXT IN ITIM with PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ** Compatible with other animation apps iTim Text (tm) is a full feature text messaging client that lets you SEND and RECEIVE both text and media messages from your iPhone or iPod touch, FOR FREE*. Have Fun with friends by sending ANIMATED GIFs you saved from the web (NEW). Go To or to see the Amazing iTim at work :) SPECIAL NEW FEATURES Follow us on or 1.Send/Receive Free Text Messages over WiFi, EDGE, or 3G Networks 2.Send/Receive Songs and photo messages by adding from your photo album, using the camera or selecting from your itim media gallery to major US carrier mobile devices 3.Message other cellphones with apps and also message cellphones that DO NOT support apps. 4.Voice Texting fully enabled. 5.Receive/Send Animations (GIFs) and video messages and YOUTUBE VIDEOs to any support carriers. 6.Copy/Forward text and photo/animations/video messages (OS 2.0 or greater) 7.iPhone 2G Auto-import mms messages (OS 3.0 or greater). * NO ENTERING OF USERNAME AND PASSWORD. 8.Text and Walk (use camera as background). 9.New incoming message audio alert - "You have a new message!" 10.All Media/Messaging history are synced on the web at cloud, so you can view and continue texting from your PC/Mac as well as share your photos and videos with your friends. 11.Separate itimbook for contacts that sync with your itimworld cloud account online. 12.Landscape mode + Quick Emoticon (Emoji Support) and simple LOL keyboards. 13.Built-in media gallery separated into photos, animations, movies 14.Send/receive IM between itimworld users on the web or on mobile devices NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send iTim Messages internationally. Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have iTim Text installed and avoid those pesky international SMS costs. Super easy to get started. Just sign in or register for you free itim nickname right from your device. Got Suggestions: email us at itimsupport[at] *Push Notifications are available only for devices with OS 3.0 or higher CAN I REALLY SEND AND RECEIVE FREE TEXT? Yes indeed, you will also receive your replies automatically, no need to reload anything. ARE THERE ANY DAILY LIMIT OR ADDITIONAL CHARGES? Nope, there are no daily limits and no additional charges and no yearly fees. iTim Use is completely free from us.

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Version 7.0.1 (11 Ratings)
All versions (1240 Ratings)

“Waste of 17623”

4 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 5.1.9

“Crashed on my 1st test message .”

4 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 2.1

“Not as easy as it spuds and a waste of money .”

3 others made similar comments
First version noticed: 4.2.5
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